Welcome to Orenda Records

Music is more than art. At its most sublime, music is magic, and it offers those who truly listen the opportunity for spiritual transformation. In the Iroquois language, “Orenda” is a mystical force present in all things that accounts for all human attainment. At Orenda Records we present artists who summon their Orenda, push beyond themselves, and take their music to its highest incarnation. We immortalize their deepest expressions in high fidelity with original artwork inspired by the music in collector's edition presentations. And we offer you the chance to expand the way you experience music, art, culture, and life!

Photograph by Eron Rauch

Photograph by Eron Rauch

Meet the Orenda Records Team


Daniel Rosenboom, Founder and Music Director

My passion for as long as I can remember has been experiencing great music. Whether performing, composing, producing or listening, music consumes me. What do I consider great music to be? That which is born of clear and distinct artistic vision, developed with care and attention, imbued with strong emotional content, executed with skill, intention, and passion, grounded in the present with reverence for history and looks toward the future with a sense of adventure. That's the kind of music we want to support here at Orenda Records.

We want to provide you with music and artwork worthy of the album listening ritual. From shelf to hand to stereo, we want to take you on a journey that leaves a mark, that challenges and rewards, and hopefully brings a new perspective to your world. Really, we want to get back to what music and art is all about: the experience.

Thank you for checking out Orenda Records, and please take some time to check out each of our artists! They are the backbone of our operation, and are so deserving of your time. Cheers and enjoy the music! www.danielrosenboom.com


Eron Rauch, Art and Design Director

I am a Los Angeles based artist who works with photography, books, essays, and installations to explore the shadowy regions that linger at the ever-shifting borders of the traditional fine art world and the American media landscape. Both a vinyl collector and an audio gear nerd, music has been a constant inspiration for my visual art. I have a deep respect for the totality of the experience that goes with listening to an album. As such, my goal as the house designer, photographer and curator for the label is to create an elegant and engaging continuity for every release, so that the artist's intentions are embodied from the first impression of the cover to the artistic content of the music to live photographs of the recording sessions. My first interaction with Dan and many of the artists on the label came while was working on my MFA at CalArts, so I strive toward that spirit of interdisciplinary, mixed-media and cross-pollinated art production. More of my art projects can be found at www.eronrauch.com.